Easy Emergency Food Stockpile List

Easy Emergency Food To Stockpile List

Are you prepared for a pandemic, natural disaster, loss of a job or any other survival situation? You and your family may be left to be reliant on your existing food supply stockpile in an emergency. We are going to tell you the best foods to stockpile for an emergency and some tips for your food stockpiling list.

Many people are starting to realize this since the recent Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has started. You and your family should always be prepared for events like this. You should have or get ready an emergency food stockpile and this easy stockpile list will help you to be prepared.

Tips For Emergency Food Stockpiling Include:

Check all expiry dates on your stockpile items regularly.
Be sure that you are buying a variety of foods that are nutritional.
Buy canned and frozen foods, which will store longer.
Buy in bulk to save you money.
Remember that in some situations you may not have power for your freezer or stove.
Do you have a can opener?

Easy Emergency Food Stockpile List:
Here is an Easy Emergency Food Stockpile List for you and your family to refer to.

Canned meats (turkey, fish, chicken)
Canned, dried or frozen fruits
Canned or frozen veggies
Canned soups
Powdered milk
Meal replacements drinks
Crackers and cookies
Power bars and granola bars
Peanut butter and other nut butters
Pancake mix
Frozen breads
Pasta sauce
Mixed nuts
Coffee or tea
Baking ingredients
Pet food

If you have been warned about a situation approaching such as a storm or pandemic then you can stock up on fresh foods that may last longer but can’t be stored.

These Easy Emergency Food Stockpile Items Include:

Citrus fruits

I hope this easy emergency stockpile food list has helped you, also see our post on How To Stockpile, Stockpiling Tips To Save Money.
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