How To Stockpiling Tips To Save Money, Stockpile Ideas

How To Stockpiling Tips To Save Money

How To Stockpiling Tips To Save Money, Prepare For An Epidemic Or Survival Situation, Stockpile Ideas

What Is Stockpiling? How Do You Start A Stockpile

I get many questions asking how to stockpile food or other items, and what tips do you have.
Stockpiling is when you buy more then one of the same item for future use. You want to buy these items when they are on sale and even better when you also have a coupon for that item (to take advantage of the sale even more). You then use your stockpiled items when you need them instead of buying the items at a higher price. A great way to save money! It is also a great way to prepare you and your family for an epidemic or survival situation.

Reasons To Stockpile

Start stockpiling so that you:
Never run out of the items you need.
Stop paying full price for the items you use everyday.
Are prepared for emergency situations (this could be a natural disaster, power outage, epidemic or a family member losing their job).
Save you and yours a lot of money!

Good Items To Stockpile

These are items that you will always use and never want to run out of. And also some food items that will be helpful if you can’t get to a store.

Toilet Paper, water, garbage bags, laundry soap, dish soap, paper towels, feminine supplies, shampoos, cereal, peanut butter, rice, pasta, canned foods, frozen fruits & veggies, condiments, batteries, cleaners, pet supplies, medications and baby supplies.

Easy Items To Stockpile

These are products and groceries that your family will use and that you can usually get for free or buy very cheaply using coupons.

Deodorant, shaving cream, razors, toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, lotions and sandwich bags.

Tips For Stockpiling

Don’t buy more then you will use within one year.
Don’t stockpile food items that will go bad before you use them (such as medications, perishable foods).
Any items that have an expiry date you want to keep track of and use before they expire.
Label your items with their date of purchase so you know which items are the oldest and which ones to use first.
Make sure you have enough extra storage space for your stockpile in your home.
Have a sturdy shelving unit to store and organize your items on. Plastic storage drawers are great for stockpiling toiletries. Even DVD racks and shelves can work well!
If you are worried about mice or bugs put whatever you can in glass storage jars.
Have a storage freezer for those meats, fruits and any other frozen items that you may want to start stockpiling.
Food and cleaning chemicals should not be stored together.
Anything you find in your stockpile that you will not use should be donated to your local food banks or animal shelters.
Remember a sale that you miss will always happen again so be ready to start stockpiling and save up your coupons!

What are your stockpiling tips and what do you like to stockpile?
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