Free LEGO Prizes Packs


Free LEGO Prizes Packs – Enter Contest

There are two (2) prizes available to be won, each consisting of a LEGO Prize Pack:

The First Prize consists of: City Airport Starter Set, $12.99; City Volcano Starter Set, $12.99; City Volcano Exploration Truck, $29.99; City Fun in the Park – City People Pack, $49.99; City Volcano Supply Helicopter, $59.99, with a total approximate retail value of $165.95.

The Second Prize consists of: Nexo Knights Glob Lobber, $12.99; Nexo Knights Ultimate Axl, $12.99; Nexo Knights Ultimate Lance, $12.99; Nexo Knights Ultimate General Magmar, $12.99; Nexo Knights Ultimate Flama, $12.99; Nexo Knights Macy’s Thunder Mace, $24.99; Nexo Knights The Black Knight Mech, $49.99; with a total approximate retail value of $139.93.

Contest closes at 11:59 p.m. ET on November 11, 2016.

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