How To Save Money On Craft Supplies

How To Save Money On Craft Supplies

How To Save Money On Craft Supplies

Cheap craft supplies are a must if you love crafting or your kids like to make crafts.

You can save a lot of money by buying cheap craft supplies, if you buy them without thought of their price it can add up quickly and you’d be surprised at how much money you waste by not looking or waiting for craft supply sales.

Finding Cheap Craft Supplies:
Obviously my first stop is usually the Dollar Store. You can always find crafts deals at the Dollar Store.
If you see a deal stock up, buy in bulk to save money and always check prices of a larger quantity, it may be cheaper to buy a bigger package then a smaller one.

Look for those yearly sales stores usually have or buy just at the end of a Holiday. Example, often stores will have Easter craft supplies on sale the day after Easter or there about’s. So keep your eyes open and watch those flyers too.

Where I live there is always a Michael’s coupon in their flyer. Cut out any craft supply coupons you see and use them!

Re-use Household Items:
Start saving items you would normally throw out at home to use as craft supplies. Not only will you be lessening your garbage load but you will be re-using items instead of throwing them away. Save craft supplies such as egg cartons, old material, food containers, toilet paper tubes, left over wrapping paper and much more!

Look For Craft Supplies Outside:
Some of my favorite craft supplies can be found in nature, FREE from the outdoors. I love using pine cones, bark, sticks, leaves and even sand.

Keep Your Craft Supplies Organized:
I bet if your craft supplies were organized well you might be surprised at what you already have or have forgotten about. This will save you from buying craft supplies you don’t really need and wasting money.

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