Frugal Back To School Lunch Tips To Save Money

Frugal Back To School Lunch Tips To Save Money

Frugal Back To School Lunch Tips To Save Money

1. No More Plastic
Stop using anything plastic. Plastic wrap, plastic zip bags or any other plastic bag.
Head off to the Dollar Store (or your favourite store) and buy some re-usable containers.
You can now find a re-usable container for anything!

2. Buy The Bigger Version
Instead of dishing out extra money for the one serving size packages of your child’s favourite snacks put their serving size in one of your re-usable containers.
Buying in bulk and separating yourself can save a ton of money through out the whole school year.

3. Family Size It
Buying the family size version of snacks can also save some money on school lunches.
Example: Granola bars usually have a family size box and they usually come out cheaper then buying the smaller packs of 6 or so.
You will also need to stock up less often when buying the larger quantity boxes.

4. Use leftovers
When planning dinners I always consider if I can make a bit extra for school lunches.
This will definitely save you some money, and time in the mornings.

5. Do Some Baking
Why not bake up a batch of muffins for the week?
Kids love fresh muffins or other baked goods and it is a cheap snack when you make them yourself!
Maybe you can even sneak in some healthy ingredients such as carrots or bananas.

6. Watch The Sales Flyers
Always keep an eye on those sales flyers you never know when you can grab a great deal and stock up to save money.

7. Use Those Coupons
Of course I won’t leave out to watch for and use those coupons up!
Coupons will save you tons of money on school lunches and paired with a sale you’ve got a huge savings.

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