Grandma’s Easy Plum Jam Canning Recipe (2 Ingredients) No Pectin

Grandma’s Easy Plum Jam Canning Recipe No Pectin (2 Ingredients)

Fall canning is upon us! I love fresh plum jam and I am sure to buy them when they are in season, they taste so much better when used for jam and you will save some money. And of course you will find great deals and quality at your local farmer’s market. Try this Easy Plum Jam Without Pectin Recipe!

approx. 12 lbs ripe plums
4 cups white sugar
8 pint-sized canning jars and lids

Place pitted and halved plums into a bowl (you can peel them if desired)
Sprinkle over the plums with the white sugar
Stir until they are all coated
Let them sit for approx. half an hour than place into a large cooking pot
Bring to a boil uncovered, stirring every few minutes
Boil until mixture is bubbly
Turn down to a simmer for approx. 12 minutes
Cool to room temperature
Repeat this 4 times
The last time bringing it to a boil at a lower temperature and stir more frequently

Get your canning jars prepared.
Pour your hot jam into your canning jars leaving space at the top
Screw your jar lids on to keep a tight seal but don’t over-tighten

Some prefer the water bath method for 10 minutes, otherwise you can:
Place them in the oven at 350˚F for 10 minutes
Carefully remove the jam from the oven and flip upside down to cool completely

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