8 Ways To Use Coffee Grounds In Gardening

8 Ways To Use Coffee Grounds In Gardening

Start saving those coffee grounds for use in your gardens against pests, boosting your compost pile and more! Coffee grounds can be used in potted plants, indoor plants and even in your vegetable gardens.
Here are 8 ways you can help your garden by using used coffee grounds.

Slug Control In The Garden
Slugs and snails don’t like coarse material and coffee grounds around your plants will help keep they away.

Fungal Control
Using coffee grounds in your garden will help protect your plants from fungus and mold.

Speed Up Your Composting
Coffee grounds contain nitrogen which will help your compost pile become more efficient.

Feeding Worms
Worms love coffee grounds and we all know worms are an asset in gardening.

The nitrogen in coffee grounds will act as a fertilizer and natural food source. They are loved more by acid-loving plants.

Cat Deterrent For Your Garden
Cats don’t like the smell of coffee, use your grounds to help deter them from your garden.

Growing Carrots
Mix some coffee grounds with your carrot seeds when you plant them to boost your harvest.

Add To Mulch
Add some coffee grounds to your mulch to help keep bugs away, prevent weeds and help protect from drought.

Start saving those coffee grounds so you can use them in your Garden next season, and please Share 8 uses for coffee grounds in your garden with friends!

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