Where To Find Free Pallets For DIY Projects

where to find free pallets for projects

Where To Find Free Pallets For DIY Projects

1. Ask Store/Building Owners
We hit the gold mine last week when driving by an old store. They had hundreds of pallets in their field behind their building, hundreds. We simply went in and asked!
Talk to store managers and plan ahead to take them off theirs hands when they get some.

2. Ads
Put an ad out on free-cycle or craigslist, any type of free classified ads site or even in the local paper.
I see a lot of ads offering them for free so check before placing an ad, you may not have to even place your own.
Don’t forget to check around on Facebook too, there are groups for free classifieds in your area I am sure.

3. Garbage Day
Drive buy busy areas of your town on garbage day, preferably a business section. You may be surprised to find some out there!

4. Behind Shopping Centers
Check the back area of a shopping mall or shopping center. You can usually find some lying around.

5. Constructions Sites
You can always find pallets around construction sites. Just be sure to ask and to be safe.

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