How To Save Money On Medicine, Tips

How To Save Money On Medicine Tips

How To Save Money On Medicine, Tips

Make Your Own Medicine:
If you just have just caught a minor cold then making your own medicine can be a much cheaper and healthier option the buying it.
You can find the recipe I use here.

Free Samples At The Doctors Office:
I always ask for free samples when I visit the Doctors. He always has some samples on hand. I have received free baby formula (Full-Size) and pain medications. Ask your pharmacist, they usually have cold medication or pain medication samples for customers. Similarly you can ask your dentist for free toothpaste.

Don’t But Medications That Expiry Soon:
Always check the expiry dates on your medicine before you purchase it. I will only buy medicine that will be good a year or more from its purchase date. Then you aren’t wasting money on medicine that wont be used before it expires.

Organize Your Medicine:
Be sure to keep your medicine organized. Doing so will help you find what medicine you already own easily and quick. I was notorious for buying cold medications when I already had tons at home, just in places I didn’t look. So get all your medicine together in one place so you aren’t purchasing new medication you already have!

Coupons And Sales For Medications:
There are always sales on medicines. Especially pain medications and cold/flu medications. There are also coupons available for these medications often. So keep your eyes on the flyers and even combine those sales with your coupons to get the best deals.

Freebies From Companies:
Companies such as Advil and Tylenol often have free sample request forms on their sites. Go check them out!
If you live in Canada we have a few listed on our site under the Freebie Category.

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