How To Make Sharpie Mugs DIY

How To Make Sharpie Mugs DIY

I have wanted to try this project for quit some time now and finally got to it!

I found plain white mugs at the dollar store in all different sizes, perfect for this craft.

You will also need to use the oil-based Sharpie markers for this project, and to hand wash your mugs to preserve your print afterwards.

After you have completed your design bake your mug at 400 Fahrenheit for 50 minutes.

It helps to put your mugs in the oven when the oven is still cool and to let them gradually heat up.

Let your mugs cool before touching them!

These DIY Sharpie Mugs make the perfect customized gifts. Place some gourmet coffee or hot chocolate packs inside them and then wrap them in cellophane!

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