How To Find Canadian Grocery Coupons

how to find grocery coupons in canada

How To Find Canadian Grocery Coupons

We get a lot of people commenting that Canadian grocery coupons are the hardest coupons to find. Everyone loves saving money on food so here are some tips to help you find grocery coupons in Canada.

There are a few online coupon companies that offer mailed grocery coupons as well as free printable grocery coupons in Canada. One popular site is

Smartsource coupons Canada offers tons of printable grocery coupons for Canadians. You can see their current list of free printable grocery coupons here.

There are also coupons for online grocery shopping in Canada. Sign up to your favourite stores newsletters and often online Canadian grocery coupons will be sent out with them!

Another great way to find Canadian grocery coupons is by visiting your local grocery stores and looking for tear-pad coupons. Tear-pad grocery coupons can be found at: Real Canadian Superstore at the front of the store on their coupon zone board, Sobey’s locations and at Metro locations where the coupons will be located by the product the coupon is for.

You can often obtain grocery coupons by visiting a brands website or Facebook page and looking for a coupon request offer or even just by contacting them to request some free coupons.

Grocery Coupons In Canada will also come in your local newspapers and sometimes can be found in flyers. Look out for Smartsource, Red Plum and P&G grocery coupon inserts! A booklet filled with various Canadian grocery coupons.

There are also some SmartPhone apps now that have included Canadian Grocery Coupons such as Checkout 51 available here.

Let us know if you have any other tips for finding Canadian grocery coupons!

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