How To Easily Build Your Savings, Tips And Tricks

How To Easily Build Your Savings, Tips And Tricks

How To Easily Build Your Savings, Tips And Tricks

1. Save all your change.
I will start with my number one trick to save money that I have been using for years and it really works.
Get an empty 5 gallon water jug and every time you have change put it in the jug.
I cash in mine once a year and you would not believe how much money I save that way!
We either take a family trip or put it in a savings account. Easy Peasy.

2. Stop buying that coffee or snack every morning.
I know its hard and I still miss it but you really do save a lot of money this way.
Think about it, $2 for a Tim Horton’s coffee or if you like Starbucks an $8 latte every day really adds up.
That’s easily $1,000 – $3,000 a year!
You could be putting that into a savings account and saving for a down payment on a house or your child’s education, whatever it might be.

3. Make lists before you go shopping.
I do this for every grocery shop and sometimes I even remember to bring it along.
Stick to your list and stop buying things you don’t really need or just happen to see and want.
You’ll be amazed at home much money you save when you stay on track!

4. Start an auto savings withdraw.
Set up your savings account to take out a set amount of money each month from your regularly used account.
You can look at this as just paying another bill and really won’t notice it.
You can start as low as you want and go up to what you can reasonably afford.
I just pretend that the savings account doesn’t exist and when I do look at it there is a big surprise at how much money has accumulated in it.

5. Stop using credit cards.
Of course we have all heard this many times but its true and very essential to saving money.
Stop using credit cards to buy things and if you do have to use one be sure you can pay it off completely monthly!

6. Cancel your cable.
We have been cable free for quit some time now and the amount of money we save is unbelievable.
Cable bills are usually around $80 a month now just for basic, that is a huge expense!
That amount of money saved monthly will build your savings quickly.

Let me know of any other ways you have found that help you to build your savings faster and don’t forget to Share or Pin this post please!

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