Get Freebies Using The Canadian Scanning Code Of Practice (SCOP)

Get Freebies Using The Canadian Scanning Code Of Practice (SCOP)

Get Freebies Using The Canadian Scanning Code Of Practice (SCOP)

What is The Scanning Code Of Practice in Canada (SCOP)? And how do I use it to get Free products?

You may have seen the term SCOP thrown around in a casual couponing conversation or heard the lady ahead of you in line at Walmart wanting to claim it. But what exactly is SCOP?

SCOP stands for Scanning Code Of Practice. In short, it is a code that ensures the product being purchased is rung in at the correct advertised amount. This is great and all, but how does this directly help us, because we have all been at check out with items that were scanned in at over price.

Next time you are at check out, take a close look around the cashiers area. You may be surprised to spot a little sticker that states that the store honors the Canadian Scanning Code Of Practice. But beware, they will try to hide this sticker as much as they can, without technically hiding it.

So you are at cash and the cereal you had just bought rings up as $4.99, but it is on display for $3.99. You point it out to the cashier and he calls a person on floor to check it out. Turns out it is suppose to be $3.99. Did you just save yourself $1.00? No! You just saved yourself $3.99 and got the product Free!

If an item is rung in at a price that is different then the advertised price according to the Scanning Code Of Practice you are obligated to get that product Free (up to $10.00 off). But if you are buying 2 boxes of cereal at $3.99 and it rings in at $4.99, you will get your first box free and your second box for the corrected amount, in this case $3.99. If your product is over the $10 limit then you will receive $10 off.

Either way, keep you eyes peeled the next time that you are at check out and your products ring in at a wrong price so you can take advantage of the Canadian Scanning Code Of Practice. Or, if you do not see a sticker, simply ask if they honor the Scanning Code Of Practice. After all, it will be the easiest $3.99 that you will save and you will be surprised at how often this actually happens!

See the Retail Council Of Canada for their Scanner Price Accuracy Voluntary Code

What have you all received free by using the Scanning Code Of Practice Canada?

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