DIY Toilet Paper, Homemade Substitutes For Toilet Paper

DIY Toilet Paper, Homemade Substitutes for Toilet Paper

When you find that the shelves are empty at the stores and that Toilet Paper is sold out everywhere, even online, here are some other Toilet Paper Substitutes that you can use in a time of need. *Do not flush Homemade Toilet Paper Substitutes!

Facial tissues
Paper towel
Baby wipes

I’ve seen some DIY Toilet Paper Tutorials using actual news papers but ours is going to be washable and reusable! This is also a great way to Save Money and to be Environmentally Friendly.

How To Make Homemade Toilet Paper:

You will need:
A 100% cotton fabric – you could use a bed sheet, old clothes, material scraps etc.
Microfiber cloths
Sewing Machine and thread (optional)

DIY Toilet Paper Directions:
Cut the material in strips as wide and as long as the toilet paper piece you would normally use. Approx 3/4 squares of toilet paper.
Sew with a zig-zag stitch along the edges of each piece without folding the edges.
Cut the microfiber cloths in strips as wide as a piece of toilet paper

Put your homemade toilet paper pieces in a bag or a basket near the toilet.

Obviously this Homemade Toilet Paper Substitute can Not be flushed!

The used pieces of DIY Toilet Paper can be placed in a separate bag to be washed later.

Some people have suggested placing the used Homemade Toilet Paper pieces in a bucket with a diluted bleach mixture already in it, be sure your bucket has a lid. With this option be careful kids and pets can’t touch it!

Enjoy this DIY Homemade Toilet Paper Substitute and be sure to Share it with friends!

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