31 Amazing Uses For Baking Soda You Didn’t Know

31 Amazing Uses For Baking Soda You Didn't Know

31 Amazing Uses For Baking Soda You Didn’t Know

Did you know there are many other uses for baking soda other then for baking?
This list will give you some more ideas and useful tips for using baking soda for beauty, hair, around the home and there are even some baking soda uses for in the garden.

31 Amazing Baking Soda Household Hacks

1. Keeping weeds out of cracks and crevices. Sprinkle some baking soda into areas where weeds may grow to prevent them.

2. Mix some with water to create a gentle safe abrasive mixture to clean patio furniture or even toys.

3. Sprinkle some over anything you might be storing for some time such as pillows, patio chair cushions etc. to keep the musty smell away.

4. Sprinkles some baking soda around your garden to result in sweeter fruits and veggies by lowering the soils PH level.

5. Use to deodorize and freshen sports gear, shoes and bags.

6. Place some around plants that may be attacked by slugs to keep the at bay.

7. Mix with water and use as an abrasive cleaner and deodorizer for trash cans.

8. Place a teaspoon of baking soda into your vase of flowers to keep them looking beautiful longer.

9. Use an opened box and place it in fridges, closets, drawers, the garage, basement anywhere you want to freshen the air.

10. Baking soda can soak up grease or oil spills to make the clean-up easier.

11. Use as a carpet deodorize by sprinkling around the carpet before you vacuum.

12. Mix with some water to make a gentle abrasive cleaner for ovens, counters, pots, sinks, tiles, tubs etc.

13. Use a water and baking soda mixture to clean milk jugs, bottles, baby toys etc. to freshen them up.

14. Sprinkle some in the bottom of your garbage bag or diaper pail to lessen odors.

15. Use for pet smells in pet beds and litter boxes. Sprinkle on the bed, let sit for a few minutes then shake or vacuum off. For litter boxes sprinkle over the area and leave it in the litter.

16. You can even sprinkle baking soda over your dogs hair (avoiding the head area) and brush it out to freshen up your dog.

17. Keep an opened box in cupboards and food storage rooms to repel ants and other bugs.

18. Create a paste with water and baking soda to remove marks on walls, even crayon.

19. Use baking soda to put out grease fires.

20. Fill your dishwasher soap section up with baking soda and run a short cycle to clean and deodorize it.

21. Add a bit of baking soda to your white clothing, sheet wash to brighten the white colour.

22. Use some in water to clean coolers, lunch boxes, recycling bins, microwaves etc. It will help rid of old food smells etc. and the abrasive texture will help get them clean easier.

23. Mix with water to make a produce wash to clean your fruits and vegetables.

24. add some baking soda to your laundry when washing to get rid of any odors that might lurk, especially in towels, socks, kids clothes etc.

25. Soak your sponges in water and a bit of baking soda to deodorize and clean them.

26. Add a bit of baking soda to your fabric softener tray in your washing machine to soften clothes.

27. Make a paste mixture by adding water and use it to clean your BBQ grill.

28. Run the coffee maker using water and a bit of baking soda to clean parts.

29. Use baking soda to brush your teeth and your pets teeth for a whiter smile.

30. Sprinkle some on icy walkways to make them less slippery.

31. Pour 1 1/2 cups of baking soda followed by 1 1/2 cups of vinegar to unclog a sink drain.

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