25 Things To Do With A Toddler

25 things to do with a toddler

25 Things To Do With A Toddler

We’ve all been there, wondering what you could possibly do with your energetic toddler to keep them busy.
Rainy days are especially hard or if you need a few extra minutes to get something done, we’ve got some fun ideas for you and your little ones!

Bang pots and pans
Blow bubbles
Collect items
Do a puzzle
Draw with sidewalk chalk
Dress stuffed animals
Glue things onto paper
Go for a wagon ride
Go for a walk
Go to the park
Play peek-a-boo
Play chase
Play ghost with a blanket
Play hide-and-seek
Play with Play-Doh
Play with Tupperware
Put couch cushions on floor to climb
Read a book
Sing a song
Splash in puddles
Stack cans
Talk into plastic cups

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